Alte Burg Zawidov
Alte Burg Zawidov

Castrum et civitas Seydowe - Castle of Sayda

The castle of Sayda was firstly mentioned in 1289. Probably the "Castrum et civitas Seydowe" was built up sooner, when the settlement of the Ore Mountain ridge began in the 12th century.

From 1352 to the Reformation, the saxon aristocatic family of Schönberg lived there. But later they moved away from Sayda to the castle of Purschenstein in Neuhausen, to their new home, thats why the city is called Neuhausen.

On a well preserved relief on the Epithap in the church of Sayda, you can see the castle with its residential buildings. A large round tower (23m high, 8,40m diameter and 2,80m heavy walls), a smaller hexagonal tower and the Michaelis chapel (was built in 1448).  Since 1539 the castle was barely inhabited and the Michaelis chapel lapsed. In 1584 a small farm was built up, on the foundation walls of the chapel.  Annuals of the year 1619 reports, they gain 4 guilders benefit by milking 25 cows.

On the 8 of october 1634, during the 30-years-War, Sayda was completly destroied by the imperial troops. Only the two towers still remained, but have been removed in the 19th century.

In 1877 the small farm (Vorwerk) burned down and a new one were built opposite the old one. Until 1951 it was used as a health center and today it is a listed house. The people of Sayda are calling this building the "Old Castle" 

(Text: Catrin Bilz)